January 11, 2019
L-Cysteine HCL
January 15, 2019

DL- methionine




DL- methionine
CAS No 59-51-8
Quality level


Physical and chemical properties


1. Appearance: white sheet like crystal or powder

2. Clarity of solution: colorless clarification

Application Industry


Amino acid pharmaceutical ingredient, food additives, nutritional supplements, feed, fertilizer and other industries
Function 1.      It can promote hair and nail growth and detoxify and enhance muscle activity.

2.      Prevention and treatment of liver diseases and arsenic or benzene poisoning, can also be used to treat dysentery and chronic infectious diseases caused by protein deficiency caused by malnutrition.

3.      Nutritional supplements

4.  Forage nutrient fortifier, One of the amino acids essential for animal growth. It has a strong regulatory effect on animal metabolism.

5.  Used to produce hepatoprotective agents

















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