MINXING Industrial Co,.Ltd inherits mature, standardardized, and high technology, aiming at the top leading manufacture of various amino acids and amino acid derivatives products.We are commited to providing high quality and high effectiveness various amino acid and microelement amino acid chelate products whose quality standard meets the European Pharmacopoeia, US Pharmacopoeia, Chinese Pharmacopoeia, and Japan's. Our products widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, fertilizer, food, feed, cosmetics, biochemical research and other fields.Over 18 years of production and research experience relying on cooperation with the University Research Institute, it ensures MINXING to be leading manufacture of L- cystine, L- cysteine, L- lysine, and compound amino acid powder and microelemen amino acid chelate products of organic iron, zinc, manganese, copper, potassium, and calcium. The compound microelement amino acid chelate products features stable content, persistent absorption and slow release, avoiding the disadvantages of low absorption rate, difficult transshipment and large loss of inorganic microelement, which is widely used in foliar fertilizer, base fertilizer, compound fertilizer and drip fertilizer.

MINXING provides full series of amino acid monomer productrs and microelents amino acid chelate products and solution in agricultural and feed industry for the customersprojects, by adhering to the principle Customer First, Quality First, and Service First .

As an innovator and pioneer, we maintain a large proportion of investment to research and developent with institutions,universities, and we have established close partnership cooperation with major agricultural, speciality chemicals and ingredients companies. We are the one-stop supplier in many fields of animal feed,fertilizer, pharmaceutical, chemical,food,cosmetics, biochemical, etc. We have been certified by ISO,SGS,etc.

It is our vision and responsibility to enable MINXING to be the worlds leading manufacturer in fertilizer, animal feed and chemical and biological inducstry and we are sincerely looking forward to cooperating with distributors and companies all over the world for close partnership relations.